Q: How do I know when my leather needs to be re-colored?

A: When cleaning and leather treatments no longer bring back the beautiful “like new” look you 

desire, it is probably time to have your leather refinished by a professional.

Q: How long will the new finish or repair last? 

A: In most cases and under normal use conditions, the repaired areas can be expected to last as 

long as the surrounding leather. If we re-dye a leather driver’s seat due to wear damage, your new 

finish is likely to wear off at the same rate as the factory finish did. 

Q: How often should I clean and condition my leather?

A: Of course it varies depending on usage and how dirty it gets. For auto interiors that are not real 

dirty, once a quarter should be good.

Q: Will you be replacing the leather?

A: No. We repair and restore leather finishes, which can include wear damage, staining, scratches, 

burns, smaller cuts and tears, etc. For leather that is very badly cracked or torn, replacement of the 

damaged pieces by an upholstery shop will be recommended...hopefully yours is repairable.

Q: Do you offer a warranty with your service?

A: Yes…we warranty our work for 90 days whether it’s cleaning, repair or restoration.

Q: Will I see the repair? 

A: In most cases the damage will seem to “disappear”. Our main objective, in addition to enhancing 

the appearance, is to preserve the leather and avoid the cost and inconvenience of replacing the 

cover. Invisible repairs are never promised, but are not uncommon.

Q: What kind of things can you repair?

A: In addition to restoring leather we also perform repairs to dashboards, door panels and armrests, 

vinyl seats and trim, some hard plastics, burns in fabric and carpets,

Q: My car is not that old, and I try to take care of it. Why is my leather looking “old” already? 

A: Unlike the couch in your living room, your car’s interior must survive temperature extremes and 

uv exposure…countless entrances and exits abrading the outer edge and lumbar sections. Although 

the finishes used in automobiles are designed to be resistant to these abuses, it’s only a matter of 

time before the cover needs repair, replacement or refinishing.